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New joint project of ST Group Holding and BSU has started

The project attracted the attention of more than 50 students of the leading Belarusian university. During the presentation which was prepared by ST Group, students got the information about company's activity, leant the bases of industrial programming, its objectives and goals. The details of the future game were also presented to the participants. “Battle of tanks-robots” will be a client-server application where the main characters tanks-robots will fight trying to defeat all the other participants of the game and to stay alive. Game field will contain multiple difficulties such as swamps, forests and impassable areas. Moreover, a tank-robot will be able to find on the field different artifacts which will temporary change its characteristics. The task of students will be to create a game from the very beginning: to write a server able to realize claimed features, realize clients which will manage the tank depending on game situation as well as to apply graphics and physics laws in the process. At this stage students have already been given the first task in the form of a test. The results of the test will show 30 most talented students who will participate in the creation of the game. The winners of the project will get the certificates for ORACLE training courses.

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